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Established at 1994, by a group of engineers and psychologists, in order to develop high quality educational games for your family. Now days, we are developing new products in order to answer your needs for family leisure time. We have products for your family's indoor and outdoor fun.

The originality of the idea

Uniting computer and wood in one game seems incredible. However, we have made it our concept. Our products offer a natural way of making computer possibilities understandable even for the youngest.

You will find neither varnish nor paint in our set, only what is created by nature itself. It is a great pleasure at our times of plastics and poisoned materials, to take a warm natural wooden toy in the hands. You would get a real sensation of being filled with the positive energy of wood.

Our Vision

  • Our goal is to give a solution for the whole family's leisure time, indoor and outdoor, while making use of enjoyable games and toys which are educational and fun. The toys and games encourage cooperation between the parents and children.
  • We strive to combine contemporary computer usage, with traditional elements of educational wooden toys.
  • We pay careful attention to the safety of our products, using only natural birch wood with no commercial additives. Our products are all environmental friendly.
  • We develop and manufacture products which contribute to the child's development, in aspects like: creative thinking, problem solution, communication skills, imagination and three dimensional perception.
  • An opportunity to create and make something new is one of the most important factors for man, and can give the child self confidant and higher self esteem as a reward for a successful creation.


Our Products

Our models consist of various types of trucks, bulldozers, lift-machines, tractors and many types of specialized machinery, as you can see in our website. These products are designed for children over five years old. We also produce eight kinds of small design sets with computer program and wooden bricks for little children 5 years old and younger. Our game can be a perfect teaching aid for schools and kindergartens. Our toys make children get used to working, acquire computerized skills and ability to build and create, while developing harmonious many-sided personality.

  • Our products are pure birch wood and completely natural and environmental friendly.
  • Our products can be used in a number of variations, and can be multiple used. It can also be taken apart and easily stored after using.
  • Our products combine educational elements and fun.
  • Each of our products was carefully tested and examined to ensure your satisfaction.
  • We have different levels of difficulty to suit your needs and likes.


We are here to make sure you enjoy our products. Have fun!